Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Hollywood Arrives

Why is it that every time you agree to do something nice, it always turns into a HUGE pain and inconvenience?

Our local cable company - Charter - appoached us and asked if they could use our kitchen to film a new cooking show for local restaurants. (This came by way of recommendation of a friend's boyfriend who is a chef, but working as a plumber, having spent time over at our house).

After being nicely flattered, I, of course, had to know what was in it for us.

Free advertising for Mike's business and the house - which is wonderful, but I would have preferred free cable for life.

This is what I have gotten out of it: we have the stickers off the front windows and the front door painted.
In return, the dogs have been banished from the house and I have to get ready for work before 8:00 am & strange people in my home all day.
Maybe there will be leftovers?

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Surely there will be leftovers. If no free food, definitely not worth it!