Sunday, February 27, 2011

Four Hour Body & Vegan Diet - is it possible??

Is it possible to follow Tim Ferriss's Four Hour Body diet AND a low-fat vegan diet?
Oh yes.
And it's surprisingly fun. Personally, I am enjoying the simplicity of what I am eating. I am enjoying the repetition. I am enjoying the extra energy I have and I am really enjoying watching that number on the scale decrease.
For months now, my friend Mary has been proclaiming the benefits of not eating bread. I get it now. I didn't think I could live without my sourdough bread or roasted garlic bread. 
And the "binge day" once a week really does take away the desire to "cheat".
So what does a low fat vegan Four Hour Body gal eat? Breakfast - lentils and spinach. Lunch - refried beans with salsa, salad. Dinner - kale, beans & "sausage" with salad. And soup. Lots of veggies.


Unknown said...

what kind of "sausage"??

val wagner said...

I used Gimmee Lean brand of faux sausage - very low in fat, decent amount of protein....