Sunday, March 23, 2008


Spring Cleaning!

Here is the "Before" picture and "After" picture of the inital cleaning of the pool....

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Collective Craziness

Tomorrow is a full moon, so hopefully there will be an end to this current collective chaos.
Michael created as an online petition that has exploded in popularity and complaints from multiple attorneys. I haven't seen him for days, as he has been at the office at all hours. There is a threat of the beaches in Hatteras being closed by injunction from the courts. The hearing is April 4th. If it happens, there is legitimate concern that the local economy will be adversely affected. Michael is proving that one person really can have an impact.
In other news, the real estate market is not improving at the rate I had anticipated. Every day I have a sick feeling that doesn't go away. I still pray that May 1st will bring my salvation and the end of my position in management of the real estate company - I know, doesn't make any sense to terminate my job when I can't pay my bills, but something has to give.
The bright side? Today is the first day of spring - hallelujah!